Buying real estate in the Burke Mountain area of Coquitlam


We're serious about Real Estate

Buying Real Estate is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make.

We don't take your Real Estate transaction lightly, and we believe you deserve the most professional and honest representation throughout the process.

The relationship between homebuyers and Agents must be based on trust, mutual goals and understanding. This is why we always keep your goals at the forefront as we search for your ideal purchase. The real estate process requires negotiation of complex issues, and we are committed to working in your best interest throughout.

In-depth local expertise. Relevant market insight.

When searching for your dream home, it is important to be well informed about market conditions and the state of the Real Estate market. The process of buying real estate needs to account for the same factors that shape the market - which can be quite complex. Living and working in the Burke Mountain area of Coquitlam allows us to be on the forefront of the rapidly changing Real Estate landscape. Put our local knowledge to work for you.

Save yourself the Stress

With new Burke Mountain Real Estate developments breaking ground constantly, it can be hard to keep track of what's available and what's already sold. We are continually in communication with all of the new developments on Burke Mountain, and we can help you navigate through the sometimes confusing process of buying a home in a brand new community. We can provide you with the most comprehensive information about new home availability, who the top developers are and where you can find the best value on the mountain. We will help you secure the best possible price, with the most favourable terms, in the shortest period of time.

Master Certified Negotiation Expert

When you are making an offer on a home, you will have the benefit of Rebecca Permack's extensive negotiation training on your side. It is my goal to negotiate on your behalf to achieve your goals, and my proven negotiation skills ensure that your position is strongly represented. I will help you objectively negotiate on your behalf, and work diligently to meet all of your objectives.

Work With The Best

Living and specializing in the area, Rebecca Permack brings an unparalleled knowledge of the Burke Mountain area, current development activity, community plans and a detailed understanding of current market conditions. is the most comprehensive, most trusted and original online resource for Burke Mountain Real Estate information. If you're thinking of buying a home in the next year, we can help you better than anyone else in the Burke Mountain area.

New to the Buying Process?

Here is some helpful information to help you make the right Real Estate purchase:

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