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Whistler Backcountry Wilderness Retreat

Blog by Rebecca Permack | September 6th, 2017

Last week we joined an elite group of 5 powerhouse Realtors® on a wilderness retreat in the Chilcotin backcountry. It was an opportunity to connect, explore, learn, share and evolve personally and professionally. We were completely off the grid for 3 days at a remote luxury camp nestled deep in the wilderness north of Whistler.

Skycamp 2017-1-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-2-Cropped.jpg
Skycamp 2017-6-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-3-Cropped.jpg

The DeHavilland Beaver picked us up at Green Lake in Whistler, and we flew 45 minutes Northwest across the Pemberton snow fields to Crystal Lake. 

Skycamp 2017-21-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-23-Cropped.jpg

The accommodation is at a private luxury site called Skycamp. There is a log cabin for meals, gatherings, and meetings. We slept in safari-style tents with real beds, duvets, and pillows. There is also a wood-fired sauna and the facilities are very clean and well maintained. Plus, the stars are freaking epic!

Skycamp 2017-24-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-28-Cropped.jpg
Skycamp 2017-8-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-9-Cropped.jpg

After 3 days of amazing wilderness exploring and mastermind sessions, we flew back to Whistler, but not before stopping at the Bridge Glacier.

Skycamp 2017-20-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-15-Cropped.jpg
Skycamp 2017-12-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-34-Cropped.jpg

We landed in a remote glacial lake where chunks ice are breaking away and slowly melting. In ecological terms, this is brand new land, having only recently been uncovered from the ice. Not to mention, it's totally untouched and wild. There are lots of interesting plants and wildlife - wolf tracks! - and the scenery is breathtaking.

Skycamp 2017-35-Cropped.jpg Skycamp 2017-37-Cropped.jpg
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If you're looking for an incredible once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience, check out tyaxadventures.com! We could all use a little more adventure in our lives, and this is right in our back yard!