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Still Bear Season!

Blog by Rebecca Permack | August 22nd, 2011

As we head into the final week of August, it is easy to fall into the lull of warm weather and long lazy days.  But, we are still in middle of a busy bear season.  With many sightings on Burke Mountain, and a recent bear attack in Anmore, we think it's appropriate to remind everyone about some of the things you should be doing to keep yourself and your community safe.

From the BearAware website:

Many of us remain sceptical as to our responsibility in attracting bears. Even after we have seen the bear in the yard or had the trash raided, we often continue to deny our personal responsibility. By the time we recognize our mistakes, it is often too late for the bear.

The following bear attractants should be managed to ensure bears don’t move into your neighbourhood. Use this checklist to ensure that bears do not become human food conditioned and/or habituated due to your carelessness. This will help reduce safety concerns surrounding bear encounters and the unnecessary destruction of bears.


  • Store garbage in a secure building until collection day or consider purchasing a bear-resistant household container.
  • Ensure bins are tightly closed.
  • Regularly wash all recycling items and clean the bins that contain garbage or recycling.
  • Do not leave garbage in the back of a truck, even if it has a canopy.
  • If you cannot store garbage securely, freeze smelly items and add to the bin only on the morning of collection.

While there are many ways that you can help protect bears, garbage seems to be the most relevant and most regularly forgotten responsibility.  Too many times we've seen garbage cans placed outside the night before garbage collection day.

remember to
leave your garbage INSIDE until the morning of garbage day.