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Retail on Burke is Overdue

Blog by Rebecca Permack | August 1st, 2011

I Need my Coffee Fix on Burke Mountain!

Are you tired of getting in your car and having to leave your neighbourhood to get your morning latte? Already frustrated waiting for retail services to come to this now-two-year old community? I know I am! Construction seems to have been delayed once again on Wesbild’s Meridian Crossing shopping centre at the corner of David Avenue and Coast Meridian Road on Burke Mountain, with no explanation. Leases are already in place for Caffe Divano, Subway, Kula Yoga Studio and a Real Estate office, and the confirmed tenants are itching to get up here.

There is currently pre-load on the site, and we’ve been anxiously waiting for months for construction to start. And yet, nothing. Entire communities are being constructed in record time, but the pile of dirt at Coast and David doesn’t change. What gives?

Where is my local coffee shop?

Where is the lush landscaping and outdoor patio seating that Wesbild has been promising for over a year now? So many residents tell me that the reason they moved to Burke Mountain was to be a part of a growing community. This retail corner will be the gateway to Burke Mountain, and the epicenter of many community activities. A place for folks to bump into their neighbours, connect over coffees, become regulars. Hey Wesbild - there’s enough of us on the mountain now. It’s time.

What retail would you like to see at Meridian Crossing?
Leave a comment here and we will pass it on to Wesbild!

Know a business that wants to lease out retail space at Meridian Crossing? Opportunities are available. Email Kevin Wong at kwong@wesbild.com