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Partington Creek Village

Blog by Rebecca Permack | February 1st, 2012

A detailed plan for what Burke Mountain’s biggest neighbourhood will look like in 20 years will likely be unveiled this summer.

But city planners say they will want feedback from the public before the Partington Creek Village Neighbourhood Plan (PCVNP) wraps up.


In March, the city will meet with Baycrest Avenuehomeowners, many of whom have changed their minds about land-use options since the PCVNP was first introduced six years ago, said community planning manager Bruce Irvine. In April, the city will also gauge opinions on the planned neighbourhood centre — the “hub” for all of Burke where the highest density will go. And in May, a final open house will be held.


In the meantime, the city plans to finish Partington’s utilities and servicing plan next month; the transportation and environmental reviews are also “near completion,” planner Andrew Young told Monday’s committee-in-council.


Last year, the city got approval from Fisheries and Oceans Canada to proceed with its $30-million Integrated Watershed Management Plan for Partington, which had been holding up the PCVNP process for at least a year.


PCVNP calls for up to 13,000 residents on the steep slope around Minnekhada regional park, plus schools, commercial space and parks.


At the last open house for PCVNP held in June, the city got mixed reviews on how the “hub” should develop: Some people pressed for towers to protect green spaces and sensitive lands while others urged a low-compact sprawl.


Coun. Mae Reid said she’s happy the city decided to be more flexible with the amount and types of housing in the PCVNP rather than prescribe a number for each subdivision. “It was an impossible task,” she said on Monday.


Meanwhile, asked by Coun. Terry O’Neill what the city’s role is in planning Partington — given that it owns a third of it — city manager Peter Steblin explained that planning GM Jim McIntyre acts as an independent advisor while the city’s lands strategy is handled behind closed doors.


PCVNP is the fourth neighbourhood plan for Burke Mountain. Previously, city council adopted plans for Upper Hyde Creek, Lower Hyde Creek and Smiling Creek. And once Partington Creek is adopted, the city plans to start work on the fifth Burke neighbourhood: Hazel Drive.

Courtesy: The Tri-City News