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Machu Picchu Here I Come!

Blog by Rebecca Permack | August 23rd, 2014


On this very day next year, I will be smiling. In the 8 days preceding this day next

year I will also have cried, ached, limped, laughed, (possibly) lost my lunch, and had

blisters the size of loonies. But on this day, I will be smiling. And I CAN’T WAIT!


On this very day next year, I, along with my husband and a group of Royal LePage

Realtors from across Canada will have just completed a grueling trek through the

Lores Valley to the summit of Machu Picchu in Peru, creating awareness and raising

funds for our National charity, the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. It will be the

culmination of a year’s worth of training hikes, Grouse Grinds, runs, pub nights,

50/50 draws, ticket raffles, community events, blood, sweat and tears. And I CAN’T



…Did I mention I can’t wait? Because I can’t. This opportunity to be part of a group

of Royal LePage Realtors trekking Machu Pichu just checked so many boxes for me; I

couldn’t pass it up if I wanted to: 


  • Travel? Check.
  • Adventure? Check.
  • Visit one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World? Check (two down, five to go!).
  • Create lifetime bonds with my fellow Realtors across the country? Check.
  • Make a difference in my community? Check.
  • Drink beer with my friends at pub night fundraisers throughout the year? Check!


 The coolest part of our Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is that even though it is a

National charity, the funds raised by the different offices directly benefit their

respective communities. So in our case, the $10,000 minimum (yes, $10,000) that

Cory and I have to raise in order to participate in this life-altering adventure will go

directly back to Tri-City Transitions right here in Coquitlam.


So, on this very day next year, I will be smiling. I will have raised at least $10,000 to

help women and children fleeing abusive situations in our community. I will have

crossed off a major destination off of my travel bucket list, I will have made friends

from across the country, and I will have survived one of the greatest physical

challenges of my life. And I CAN’T WAIT!


Want to make me smile even more? Hook a girl up and make a donation! Heck, I

might even dump a bucket of ice water on my head if it will make YOU smile.


Here’s the link to our team fundraising page!