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Listing a Pet-Friendly Home

Blog by Rebecca Permack | September 5th, 2017

What about the pets? Listing a home can be a bit of a process, especially if you have pets and children involved. Here are some quick tips on how do deal with listing your home and keeping your furry friends in check:

Desmond Toys.jpg

Remove evidence of having a pet. Sounds harsh, right? Buyers are looking for homes that are blank slates – a place they can imagine themselves living without other people’s “stuff.”  This can include pet items - no matter how adorable we think they are. Clean and tuck any litter boxes away under a sink cabinet, gather up any toys, blankets, beds, etc. and tuck them into a closet for any open houses or showings. 

Desmond Penny.jpg

Clean hair from couches, beds, carpets, etc. It’s necessary!  We might be ok with - or not even notice - our pet’s hair around our homes, but potential buyers might not see it that way. 

Desmond and Maya.jpg

Refresh your home. Sometimes pets can produce certain odors that we are used to, but that might be overpowering to a buyer. A simple citrus diffuser or wall plug in will work wonders.

Froyo Dogs.jpg

Take pets away for showings & open houses. This isn’t always possible, especially with cats and small pets, but it’s very helpful.  Doors are often left open and open houses can get a lot of visitors walking through! Why not take them for fro-yo?