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It was the Best Choice We Could Have Made

Blog by Rebecca Permack | February 16th, 2017

"I know before I start that this is going to be a little long but, I promise, it will be worth reading.

I thought I would let everyone know about my recent experience purchasing a home on Burke Mountain. We decided to work with Rebecca Permack. Disclaimer: I do renovations for a living and I have done work for Rebecca. We have helped her get homes ready for sale, and she keeps me very busy, so I figured she was doing great work. Second, she seemed to be widely known for her expertise on Burke Mountain so I figured it would be a good choice. Her website is www.burkemountainhomes.com so really thought I can’t go wrong.

IT WAS THE BEST CHOICE I COULD HAVE MADE!! Her knowledge of Burke Mountain is second to none. I would not be surprised if she is studying and attending every meeting that happens that affects Burke Mountain. She knows all the areas as well as the builders and any concerns with each area right off the top of her head.

We looked at a town house that seemed a little under-priced so we decided to put in an offer. Of course, we made this decision on Sunday evening so I thought that we would do the offer on Monday but no, Rebecca right from the start had our best interest in mind. We met right away to put the offer together, and she had already called the listing agent to advise her and get some details.

Sunday night, she had our offer all together and she sent it off. We were the only offer so things looked great. However, Monday morning Rebecca contacted me to say that we were now in a multiple offer situation. She still felt that our offer was good and that at this time, there was no need to change it. She had reviewed the strata minutes, along with all the information that I was supposed to look at. I was very impressed with Rebecca’s experience and expertise, and I felt completely confident and at ease with her advice and guidance in this situation.

Next issue was that one other realtor was now presenting in person, so Rebecca was also going to present in person for us. Still nothing for us to do, just her keeping us informed, and we were so at ease that she had things under control. After she presented, along with a couple of other Realtors®, (there were now four offers) she called to say that they preferred our offer to all the others and we were very close on price. They countered our offer and we got our dream townhouse for an unbelievable deal!!!

Let me be clear, we would still be looking for a place to live had it not been for Rebecca’s knowledge, skill and expertise. I have recommended her already to three other people and I recommend her above all others.

If you are thinking of using her as a Realtor®, you will be happy you did. If you are still not sure, call her and ask her for my phone number, and I will tell you more about the experience if you want."

- Gary & Teresa