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Blog by Rebecca Permack | November 2nd, 2017

Several weeks ago, we decided that there were just not enough outlets to express all the great things about living in Burke Mountain. We talk about it all the time, and the Burke Mountain Community Facebook group is always full of wonderful community participation and neighbourly love. But we wanted to have a dedicated place to share the love for the community we call home, so we started iheartburkemountain. We have a brand new i❤️burkemountain Facebook page, Instagram account and website where we're sharing all the things we, and YOU, love about this community. A couple weeks ago, we had our i❤️burkemountain signs out at our Community Pumpkin Giveaway and we took pictures of everyone smiling and having a great time.

If you love Burke Mountain and want to share your story, get in touch with us! 

Here are some of our favourite i❤️burkemountain photos so far!

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-1.jpg

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-27.jpg

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-25.jpg

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-23.jpg

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-16.jpg

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-11.jpg

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-14.jpg

2017 Pumpkin Giveaway - iheartburkemountain-6.jpg