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Eat Local! Five Amazing Places (Nearby) To Buy Fresh Groceries

Blog by Rebecca Permack | August 10th, 2017

Here in the Tri-Cities, we're a little bit spoiled with our local produce options. There is an incredible community of local growers and producers that offer top-quality and unique selections of fresh ingredients. And I can tell you from personal experience that local & fresh ALWAYS tastes better.

Here's 5 of our favourite local places to get you started.

Meridian Meats – 2020 Oxford Connector, Port Coquitlam

Meridian Meats.jpg

Meridian has been a Port Coquitlam staple for years. The old location used to be at Prairie and Coast Meridian, and has since expanded to 3 locations, including two farm markets. Located on the Oxford Connector, Meridian Meats sells delicious, locally raised chicken, beef, pork and seafood. Pay them a visit and find out what
other local goodies they have in store – anything from pies to perogies to sauces.

Blueberry Farm – 4350 Oliver Road, Coquitlam


Located on the same road as Minnekhada Park, this farm has been cranking out delicious blueberries for 47 years. Once owned by the Gaskin family, the farm has changed hands, but the quality and taste of their berries has not! Available when blueberries are in season, by the flat or box.

Hopcott Farms – 18385 Old Dewdney Trunk Road


Hopcott is located just over the Pitt River and has amazing locally raised meats, ready meals, fruits and veggies and best of all, a newly added bistro. Hopcott also has several events, including long table dinners.

Golden Ears Cheesecrafters – 22270 128th Avenue, Maple Ridge


A bit more of a drive, but Golden Ears Cheesecrafters is worth it! Handmade cheeses in several varieties are crafted and sold at their cheese shop and they also have a bistro on site. Local jams, preserves and beverages are also on their roster.

Delish Gluten Free – 1730 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam


There aren’t very many options for those with dietary restrictions, but Delish Gluten free is perfect for those with gluten intolerances, as they’re 100% gluten free. But that’s not all…there’s also plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too! Our pick is the Oreo – you won’t be sad you tried it!