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Being Fire Safe on Burke Mountain

Blog by Rebecca Permack | September 5th, 2017

With the summer being so dry here in Coquitlam and with the constant news of wildfires surrounding us in British Columbia, being safe in our day-to-day life to prevent a disaster is very important.

Be Fire Safe on Burke Mountain

There have been a few close calls, which thankfully have been dealt with quickly and efficiently by the fire department.  We can all do our part!  Here are a few recommendations:

  • If you smoke, please make sure you are putting your cigarette out completely, and disposing of your butts properly. Throwing a butt out the window is illegal (littering), and extremely dangerous if lit.

  • Take a break from propane pits. The dry season is upon us…even propane pits aren’t ever completely safe, and can be a large hazard. 

  • Be careful with hot vehicles on dry grass. Stay on paved roadways and driveways.

  • If you see any fire activity, phone 9-1-1 immediately, or #55555 to report a wildfire. 

 It’s a beautiful time of year, and we can all do our part to keep our neighbourhoods safe and clear of danger!