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5 Awesome Things About Burke Mountain

Blog by Rebecca Permack | October 24th, 2017

Many people move to the Burke Mountain area because of the trees, the trails or just because they've heard it's awesome (which is true and a legit reason to move here)! But there are few small insider secrets that you may, or may not know about Greater Vancouver's best (worst?)-kept secret:

Burke Mountain Community Group

There’s a Facebook group dedicated to the community on Burke Mountain. We currently have over 3,600 members! You can join by clicking here.

BMGS Basketball Jerseys

There’s a men’s basketball league that plays in the Leigh Elementary Gym every Wednesday night at 8:30pm. No experience necessary! $40 entrance fee for the year. 

You can rent a meeting/amenities room above the Burke Mountain fire hall, located at the eastern end of David Avenue.

Community Garden

There’s a community garden located at Highland Avenue and Collins Road. Burkies have been growing their own veggies and fruits in plots for several years now. The garden is currently in a temporary location but is being moved to the north side of the new park at the end of Highland Drive. Opening soon!

Marguerite Park

There are 11+ parks and counting for residents to enjoy, including a bike skills park, dog park, splash pads and even a park with a tiny built-in trampoline.