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Bears in Suburbia

Blog by Rebecca Permack | October 8th, 2010

With many of the new developments and new homes for sale in Burke Mountain being nestled into natural forest settings, wildlife is part of the charm of living here.

My husband noticed some movement outside our front window the other day, and raced to grab his camera – a mother bear and her two cubs were casually strolling down our street, out for a morning walk!  A lovely sight from across the street, yes, but also bittersweet, as this little family may not all survive the season up here. 

Mother Bear and her Cubs 3 Little Bears

Bears in Suburbia have become increasingly more common as we push development further into their territory.  Since July of this year, several bears have had to be shot because of their newfound penchant for garbage – once a garbage bear, always a garbage bear.  Other bears have been more fortunate and have been successfully relocated to more remote areas.  Residents need to be more vigilant about keeping their garbage indoors, and following the Bear Aware program. 

On Burke Mountain, we are in a high bear activity area, which means that we CANNOT put our garbage out until the morning of garbage day.  Putting your garbage out the night before might be more convenient for YOU, dear resident, but it could mean that you are actually KILLING A BEAR.  Please keep this in mind the next time you put your trash out. 

Learn more about the Bear Aware program and how you can learn to peacefully coexist on Burke Mountain with these beautiful creatures.