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2nd Annual Belmont Block Party

Blog by Rebecca Permack | August 29th, 2011

"The firefighters are here!" was definitely the quote of the night - overheard as the Coquitlam Fire and Rescue truck pulled up to the party.  It was an opportunity for the Coquitlam Fire Department to be part of this community event and the kids couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces.  The adults were plenty pleased as well....

Firetruck Hose-1

..."You mean the fire TRUCK right?" which triggered a good laugh and a few red cheeks amongst the grown ups.  

The 2nd Annual Belmont Block Party in Burke Mountain was another great success, with neighbours coming together to share a warm (well, let's call it HOT) summer evening together.  We closed the road to traffic and encouraged people to bring out their chairs and coolers and set up shop in the middle of the Avondale Street cul-de-sac.  The bouncy castle and face painting kept the kids entertained, and I'm pretty sure I saw several balloon sword fights.  There were snacks and drinks and a BBQ set up for those who wanted to grill their dinner (which was everybody).  Most people had lots of extra food, and we loved getting a taste of what everyone else had prepared - particularly the tandoori chicken!

Cake BBQ

The night wrapped up perfectly with everyone huddled around a propane fire pit in the middle of the road - making smores and sharing laughs - spending time with our neighbours.  Of course, there was cake and as the night came to a close the group managed to squeeze in a good round of "So, what do you do for a living?"  It was great to see lots of familiar (and unfamiliar) faces come out to support the growth of this Burke Mountain community.  Knowing your neighbours helps develop a sense of pride in where you live, and ultimately, it's why we all moved here in the first place.  

Street Hose-2

There were a lot of laughs, great stories and many lasting memories.  It was a great time and I want to thank everyone who helped organize the event and all those who took part!!

Burke Mountain Homes was proud to sponsor this event in cooperation with Wesbild and Morningstar Homes.  Overall it was a great success and everyone is already looking forward to next year!