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Smooth and Easy Transaction

Blog by Rebecca Permack | June 1st, 2010

I recently went through the process of selling my first condo in Vancouver. It was a very tumultuous time in my life at best. I called upon Rebecca for her skills and reputation as a real-estate agent to get the job done. Not only was there the delicate situation of what I was going through, there was also the need to unload the property as soon as possible.

Within days of hiring Rebecca I was blown away at the caliber of her professionalism, her enthusiasm, and her drive to make the deal come to fruition. I was greeted with mail-outs talking to my property, a quick and speedy open house, and most of all an impressive video released on Youtube to be fired off to a potential buyer in a flash. Rebecca also understands the human equation when dealing with real-estate, it's a product, but it is also someone's home. She made sure that it was showing to its fullest potential, and respectful of working around your schedule for open houses.

I feel that Rebecca was an excellent fit for me because she understood the market, she understood the demographic we were trying to reach, and most of all she took the time to understand me. That made for a successful sale and a smooth and easy transaction.

I will definitely be calling on Rebecca in the future, and I give her two enthusiastic thumbs up! Thanx Rebecca!


Shain Roe, Vancouver