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Blog by Rebecca Permack | December 7th, 2009

What kind of shopping and services will there be at the Foothills?


Wesbild Holdings Limited is the developer that will be building the retail portion of the Foothills development, and are expecting to have this completed in late 2010/early 2011.  This is going to be a mixed-use retail strip, and Wesbild is in negotiations with tenants that may include a coffee shop, corner store and bakery planned for the main floor.  There will be professional offices (including a Wesbild office and possibly 2 law firms) upstairs.


Where the Foothills presentation centre is currently located (on the northeast corner of David Avenue and Coast Meridian Road), will be a large-format drug store similar to a Pharmasave or Shoppers Drug Mart.  This won’t happen until Wesbild no longer needs to have a presentation centre on the mountain; so for now, residents will have to content themselves with driving down to the drugstore at Coast Meridian and Prairie Avenue for their prescriptions.


If you visit the presentation centre, you will see that Wesbild has plans to push development further east and build a Village Centre area, which will be the central commercial area for Burke Mountain, complete with community centre and professional services, but this plan is a minimum five years from commencing.


As for which coffee shop makes it into the first retail space, I have heard that it will either be Caffe Artigiano or Starbucks, and I can only imagine the battle those two coffee moguls will have to be the most convenient coffee shop to service an entire mountain full of young, professional, coffee-drinking families!  May the best baristas win…